Forwarding Warehouse Esbjerg

Our 19200 ft2 warehouse in Esbjerg on the westcoast of Denmark is light, dry, clean free of frost. The warehouse is equipped with hydraulic ramp, forklift, alam system, camara suveillance, shelves, maschine for wrapping, packing tables and highly capable staff. 

Bonded warehousing is also an option.

Besides warehousing we offer related services customized to you demand. 

Here it is the forwarders who handle the goods in the warehouse. It follows, the forwarder is part the complete flow from receiving the order and to the goods leave our premisses again. A high degree of precision in communication minimize the risk og errors and ensures full integretiy between expectations of our clients and the actual service rendered.  

Distribution Hub Esbjerg 

Both for intermediaries abroard, importers and exporters we offer a gateway to or from Scandinavia and Europe to or from the rest of the world. Combined with the knowledge and experience of the forwarders in house our warehouse we offer a one stop shopping service as to importing and exporting goods.   

Logistic Hub Esbjerg

Full logistics service, handling, pick and pack, wrapping, marking  of goods. Visual quality control of goods and quantities e.g. when unloading containers. We typically make a reception report with deviations, errors and/or damages, if any.  

Container Trucking and Unloading of Containers 

We have a wide experience in unloading containers on behalf of our clients here in Esbjerg. We offer a total solution with customs clearance, trucking from port, unloading etc.  

Webstock - Online Stock Management

Lists mirroring the customer's actual stock level can be made available online in a password protected directory, thus enabling our clients to see what is on stock any time and anywhere with an internet connection. The system makes use of common standard software and it is thouroughly tested. Consequently, it is simple to set up, maintain and modify at very low cost.  Ideal to use in relation with cross docking. 

Packing and Wrapping of Goods

We pack and wrap goods on bahalf of our clients with focus on the type of goods,value and means of transport in question. 

Client Office

We have a fully equipped office for rent out to clients using our warehouse for longer or shorter periods.

Based on a detailed clarification of you demand we are please to make you a good rate for your warehousing and related business, send us a mail  info@fastlane.dk or give us a ring +45 76 12 12 30


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