Quality in Shipping

Quality can be defined as: the relationship between a human beings experience with and expectations to a given service or product.

Thus quality is strongly subjective and explicitly depends on who sees, feels and experiences.

Transport and related services are characterized by many involved parties, such as:

  • buyer
  • seller
  • shipper
  • consignee
  • warehouse employee
  • haulier
  • driver
  • agent
  • forwarder
  • other

The right quality is when the critical involved parties for a given transport have good experiences time after time. It follows all critical involved parties need to know what to expect and what they get.

Keyword to success is communication. Based on comprehensive experience and knowledge we conduct clarification, timing, execution, follow-up and information distribution on behalf of our clients.


Fastlane ApS

We consistently work on improving quality in all services towards better client satisfaction.

  • The right processes in the right sequence
  • Precise clarification and communication
  • Proactive follow up 
  • Active accumulation of relevant knowledge
  • Internal and external instructions



All our suppliers are actively selected and their performance are monitored. Our aim is to know exactly who is good where. 



Our experience is that many hick-ups can be avoided if simple steps are taken at Shipper/Client:

  • Goods are marked correctly
  • Goods are packed correctly
  • Addresses for shipper and consignee is correct with contact person + tel. No.


Help Yourself

Below instructions in PDF-format are available to assist you in preventing failure. Click the links to read the instruction online or choose function - save as - with the PDF-file open to save it on to your computer. The below links require Adobe Acrobat Reader - to download for free, please click this link - Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Routing of the Goods
Marking of Goods
Packing of Goods

If you can't view PDF-documents, you can download  Acrobat Reader for free by clicking the link below:



Fastlane ApS





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