Limited Liability

A transporter is not liable to compensate loss or damage of goods, if the reason is:

  • owing to circumstances the transporter could not avoid or work around
  • errors and negligence by shipper or consignee
  • loading and unloading by shipper or consignee
  • war, strike etc. 

Transporters typically work under conditions limiting their risk and liability. If a transporter is found responsible for a damage of goods the max. compensation will normally be as per below table. Therefore we emphasise the importance of making sure the goods are sufficiently insured up front.

Accidents happen and it is too late to insure the goods then. Fastlane ApS should be pleased to guide you and/or arrange for transport insurance via our carefully selected supplier(s). We should be pleased to take out insurance for your goods in your name via our insurance broker - First Marine A/S.

Typically international freight is relgulated by the following international legislation. 

NSAB                                                             Forwarding                                                  
CMR-Convention    Road
Warszawa-/Montreal-Convention  Air
Haag-Visby-Rules  Sea
CIM-Convention  Rail

It can be difficult to know up front how the injured party will  be positioned in case of  goods getting lost in a fire, ship wrecking or if a container is lost at sea.

Typically the following max. compensation is valid:

Sea                                                                             667 *SDR per collo or 2 SDR per kg gross weight
Road  8.33 *SDR per kg gross weight
Rail 17 *SDR per kg gross weight
Air 19 *SDR  per kg gross weight

  * Special Drawing Rights - mixed international currency fluctuating with the market.


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