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International Shipping

From our base in Esbjeg we arrange shipping of all types of goods throughout the world. We utilize standsard means of goods transport and equipment. 

Outsourcing freight jobs to Fastlane you get instant access to knowledge accumulated over 55 work years + overtime. Examples of freight jobs we have done  - Inspiration.

We practically oriented with a wide knowledge about shipping via road, rail, sea or air or as is often the case a combination of these freight methods - Multimodal transport

We are experienced in related areas necessary to conduct international shipping. 

- Customs clearance procedures
- Handling, packing and securing goods
- Insurance of goods during transport. 
- Delivery terms ref. Incoterms 
- Track and Trace
- Booking of freight online and the follow up on these
- Claims handling

The aim is to arrange and make the freight come through so the clarified expectaions are met.

We use our experience as forwarders to combine freight solutions to match your requirements. It starts with a detailed clarification with you and your organisation to pin point the requirements and expectations you have. We can work on ad hoc basis or we can go through your complete demand for freight. Finally we offer the best freight solution we can come up with. 

We ensure good quality and communication so you can safely outsource you freight jobs to Fastlane. 

We should be pleased to offer a good freight rate  -   How I get the right freight rate 

One supplier for shipping all types of goods 

We aim at being able to cover most requirements for shipping goods internationally. As freight purchaser you only need on supplier. At Fastlane it is the same staff you talk to for export, import, express, overseas, packing, UK, Norway, India, hazardous goods, customs clearance etc. We find a precise and good solution for your freight demand without you having to call around and being passed around to many different people and departments. 

Track and Trace

We do not have an online system for track and trace. To our knowledge it is not possible to follow status of all ongoing shipments via the systems existing today anyway. The closest you come for the time being is the big courier companies and their freight systems. However, we do not believe our clients are to spend valuable time following up on shipments. In stead we do it for you. We proactively follow up on all jobs we have agreed on doing. It means we do not finsh a case before we are sure the job is done. Should a shipment move different than expected - for instance if delayed - aim is to inform relevant parties in the transport chain. 

Outsourcing of shipping - send us an e-mail then we take care of the rest.

Many shipping companies now require clients to book online. At Fastlane you send an e-mail with the right information then we take care of the rest. 

In our opinion it is quite demanding to maintain knowledge about the online booking systems and do the follow up for each shipment. Furthermore the personal service dissapears together with the natural clarification to ensure the freight job is done correctly. 

No booking system is better than the information typed into the system. No system for groupage is completely up to date with status about whereabout of the goods and ETA. So at times a little detective work need to be done.  

We clarify the freight job and expectation with our clients, order the freight online or via a mail to our approved suppliers. Then we keep track of status until it has delivered. 

Claims Procedure. 

In case something goes wrong we have a claims procedure in place. We proactively work on the side og our clients to solve the claim. Aim is always to get the claim in question solved and to prevent same mistake from happening in the future.   

At Fastlane you du not just buy freight from A to B - you buy the full service. 



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