Express Shipping by Road in Europe

Express Vehicles Direct and Decicated

For direct express freight in Europe we can typically position a van for loading within 2 hours.

Shipping direct and dedicated by road transport means, right after loading your goods the van proceeds directly to the delivery point, thus omitting transhipment and co-loading with other goods. The beuty of shipping goods direct and dedicated:

- minimum vaste og time
- no risk during transshipment 
- no risk of co-loading with other shipments

Consequently, a direct and dedicated van is ideal for express shipments, timed collection or deliveries. Also suitable for the transport of fragiles, valuables and private belongings. 

The service is based on mainly sprintes capable of carrying 5 euro pallets or small tilt trucks capable of carrying 5 - 10 euro pallets. Weight limitations is typically between 800 to abount 1200 kgs max. payload depending on the truck in question.

Trucks can be equipped with tail lift, temperature controlled or suitable for carrying dangerous goods  - ADR, however, it may take longer to position a van to meet specific confirguration. 

If no tachograph is mounted in truck 3500 kgs trucks excepted from the rules for driver rest,

7.5 tons or 12.5 tons trucks may be available too, but the quantity of these trucks is limited and highly depending on geography.

7.5 ton trucks are often excepted the driving rules made throughout Europe in weekends and holiday seasons each year. The individual countries have their own rules, so depending on the route in question it a solution for express shipments. 

Direct and dedicated vehicles are mainly used for express shipments going directly from A to B avoiding stops at freight terminals on the way. Advantages are flexibility, speed, precise deliveries and more gentle handling of goods. This service is basically running 24/7, but we need to agree on terms and accept booking within normal opening hours. 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.

We also offer shipping courier shipments of parcels, boxes and envelopes. 

Get a rate for international or domestic express shipment with Fastlane 

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