Cross Trade

What is cross trade?

Cross trade is import and export of goods between 2 countries, however with buyer (intermidiary) suituated in a 3rd country. Intermidiary in 3rd country will often be the purchaser of the freigh involved and the one who make the instructions to the forwarder.  For instance a Danish company buys goods in Latvia and sells the goods to a client in France. The transport of goods goes directly from Latvia to France. Consequently no goods are actually picked up or delivered in Denmark where buyer/intermidiary is situated.  

Traditionally international freight for cross trade has often been done via established routings and agent networks via Denmark as a hub. simply because agreements are in place. Goods ref. above example would then go from Latvia to Denmark reload to at truck for France and then go from Denmark to France for final delivery to enduser. 

The advantages of sending cross trade goods direct from shipping country to the country where enduser is situated are typically:

- goods move quicker
- lower freight cost
- less environmental footprint 

The challenge with direct freight for cross trade is that the intermidiary count on shipper as to shipping the right products, correctly packed wrapped and marked. The intermidiary may not want enduser to know where the goods originate. If so the goods have to ship annonymous as to paperwork etc. 

Especially, when freight for cross trade on a certain routing has to be repeated, it make sense to investigate possibilites and establish a setup for shipping direct. 

Direct customized shipping for cross trade 

Fastlane has tailor made road based international freight solutions for cross trade for many years. Should you have goods for instance in italy, Baltics, Benelux or Poland you want ship directly to other countries than Denmark, we should be pleased to find an ad hoc freight solution or establish a long term freight setup  for your cross trade.  You are pleased to send us a mail or to give us a ring +45 76 12 12 30. You can also send an enquiry Send Enquiry.



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