Private Individuals

We serve private individuals under certain conditions. Based on detailed clarification we guide private individual to the best of our capabilities. The aim is to ensure quality throughout the transport and pave the way for matching expectations.

We offer the following services to private individuals:

Typically a transport is made in cooperation between client and freight forwarder. Besides being the purchaser of the transport we supervise the job from beginning to finish. As a minimum we have the following requirements to all clients being identified as private individuals:

  • Prepayment of the service before we start up the transport 
  • Precise information to form the ground work to make the transport

Prepayment has proven to be a must. It may sound a bit hostile, but at the end of the day it is actually the interest of our clients. Without prepayment we have to decline doing the transport or increase the rates to cover for loses. Consequently the good clients end up paying for the clients who ”forget” to pay.

If you fill in our enquiry formular and are you willing to prepay the service we have come a long way. We look forward to hearing from you.


Fastlane ApS



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