Personal Belongings

We coordinate and supervise the moving of private belongings based on our accumulated know how within the company. The service is characterized as a cooperation involving shipper and consignee to some extent.


We recommend:

  • To start in proper time. Clarification, planning and carrying out the transport take time.
  • To carefully pack, wrap, secure and mark gods. Taking into consideration sentimental value of the goods cannot be insured.
  • To consider if a transport insurance should be taken out through shippers insurance company or through Fastlane ApS - Insurance
  • To pack all small items in solid cardboard boxes.
  • To wrap and pack furnitures with bubble plastic in general and heavy cardboard/polystyrene on vulnerable places.
  • To mark up all items precisely - Marking of Goods



  • to make a detailed packinglist with dimensions, weight and value. Simply so we know what we transport. In case goods are shipped to 3rd country (country outside EU) a detailed packing list will be needed to make export documents from the shipping country and later to make customs clearance in the receiving country.
  • to ensure goods do not contain any hazardous goods as for instance but not limited to: all pressure vessels (deodorants, hair spray etc.), lithium batteries, petrol, oil and chemicals. In other words all items with a UNNO.


Personal belongings palletized

To many destinations in Europe we offer to ship Personal Belongings on pallets.  It means from nearest legal curbside to nearest legal curbside. Alternatively shipper can deliver to a agreed upon freight terminal and or consignee can collect at a agreed upon freight terminal. Shipper and consignee to wrap, pack, mark, load and unload.



  • Size of boxes to use is:  60 x 40 x 40 cm.


Will pack:

  • 4 in each layer on a euro pallet (120 x 80 cm)
  • 5 in each layer on a uk standard pallet (120 x 100 cm)
  • 6 in each layer on a biggest standard pallet (120 x 120 cm)


Fastlane ApS



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