Driver and Equipment Shortage

Created on Wednesday, 15 Sep 2021 15:46:09


Our haulier all indicate they have more goods to move than they can handle. There is a shortage of drivers, trailers and trucks etc. Freight rates are genereally increasing owing high demand and lack of capacity. 


There has been a shortage of drivers in the UK for some time. Brexit in combination with Covid-19 has pushed the shortage to a higher level. Many foreign drives has returned to their home lands and do not return to UK. Estimates say there is a shortage of around 100000 drivers within the freight market.  Freight rates are genereally increasing owing high demand and lack of capacity, but also owing to the impack from Brexit resulting in longer transit times asking for more equipment to move a smaller amount of goods. 

Seafreight Overseas

Ports are for the moment a big bottle neck with approx. 400 - 500 container ships anchored outside the various ports world wide just waiting to get unloaded and loaded. Likewise there is an imbalance as to where the empty containers are positioned and the goods to be moved are located. As far as we can judge the systems are so stressed and have such a huge backlog that we cannot see improvement in the forseeable future. Freight rates are at a very high level and we expect it to stay that way maybe even with more increases to come.  At the same time transit times are longer than what is normal practice and standard in the market. 


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