Covid-19 Impact

Created on Monday, 23 Mar 2020 19:52:58

Over the past days it has become evident that the Covid-19 world-wide pandemi influences everybody, every line of business, everywhere. 

More and more companies are either forced to close og decide to close fully or partly. The market i characterized by growing inbalance of goods and capacity. Consequently cost, transit times and frequency is affected. 

Road Train/Freight 
Internationally in Europe train and road freight runs a a resonable level in most places, but it may take longer time and rates may be higher.  

Air Freight
Has taken a real blow. Part of airfreigt goes on passenger planes of which a vast number have been cancelled. 

Sea Freight
Runs resonably well in most places taking the situation into account, but less goods are starting to have an impact on transit times and frequencies here too. 

A clear picture of the situation is had to establish because it all changes so rapidly. What was the situation yesterday does not  mach todays situation and tomorrow may well be a completely different from today.  However, it is fair to conclude business as usual is hardly existing in the freight busness these days. Fastlane will do the best we can to support our clients under the given circumstances. We deal with each job as an ad hoc case and cannot promiss normal rates, transit times etc. 






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