Multimodal Transport of Goods

Multimodal, Combined or Green Transport

All names for the same.

A transport of goods combining 2 or more means of transport is a multimodal transport. The collection of goods is typically done in a truck so is the delivery of goods. Accordingly it is not visible to most freight buyers when goods have been on a freight train or a RORO vessel/ferry. 

Green transport makes sense because the emission of CO2 and other harmful substances is 50% lower the road/rail combination. The combination road/vessel lowers the emission of CO2 and other harmful substances with approx. 75 %. Based on our supplier base we select the means of transport matching your demand as accurate as possible.  

Combined transport is quite straight forward. 

Internationally loads of goods are shipped involving rail and sea transport in combination with road transport. 

RORO skib til transport af løstrailere shortseaSib med containere og løstrailere shortsea

RORO vessels / ferries interconnects the coastal areas in Europe and islands in a shortsea network in combination with rail and road transport.  

- connects Europe/Scandinavia with England/Irleand
- connects Europe/Baltics with the Baltic Sea region
- connects Europe with the Norwegian Westcoast with the Faroe Islands with Island and finally with Greenland 
- connects Miditerranian Sea region with Europe
- connects the big rivers in middel Europe with the rest of Europe 

Italy and Spain is interconnected via freight trains to Northern Europe. Goods is loaded in Huckepack trailers which loads onto train carriages to ship without driver and truck.  

When the transport of goods is combined of 2 or more methods of transport it is multimodal transport. 

Advantages of combining road freight with railway freight or/and sea freight are:

- lower CO2 footprint
- higher pay load - up to 29 tons
- less trafic on the roads
- good freight rates for full load shipments
- avoiding driver rest rules madatory for road freight
- flexibility in loading and un loading of trailers, owing to the fact these are shipped loose (without driver and truck). 

"Silk Road"

Resent years the rail connection from China to Europe has increased. Transit time and freight cost is in between sea freight and air freight so it is a good alternative and/or supplement.  Typically goods ship in normal 40 ft high cube sea containers as we know from sea freight. Accomodates both full container loads - FCL or less than container load - LCL.


Overseas freight makes sea freight and air freight a must and from and to the harbour road freight will be needed so per definition these transports are mulitmodal transports. Sea freight is often combined with rail freight, especially in bigger countries where large volumes of containers are railed between inland and the harbours at the cost. The term inland harbour is sometimes used for a railroad freight hub. 

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